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           Organic Photoelectric Material
           Cross-linking agent,Condensation agent
           Benzenesulphonamide Series
           Acetophenone Series
           Benzyl bromide Series
           Toluene Series
           Phenyl acetic acid series
           Benzaldehyde Series
           Anisole Series
           Heterocycles Catalog
           Heterocycles Catalog
           Benzenesulfonyl chloride Series
           Other(Pharmaceutical intermediates)
           Pesticides and intermediates
           Surface Treatment Series
           Synthesis Catalyst
          Contact Us
          Kaifute(Tianjin) Technology Co.,Ltd.
          Add:A5 Plan,No.17 Building,No.80 Haiyun Street,Binhai New Area,Tianjin,China
          Tel:022- 5865 9859
          Fax:022- 5865 9859
          Phone:13820733852 Mr Wang
          About Us
          Tianjin Kaifute Chemical Co., Ltd. as a Hi-tech enterprise for Pharmaceuticals & Pesticides intermediate products, and fine chemical intermediate products manufacturers, chemical products suppliers from China . Kaifute is committed to researching and developing CPhi and Pharmaceutical & Pesticide intermediates with high synthesis technology barriers and difficulties and high added value, and also focuses on the synthesis of Organic photoelectric materials?.

          Our main products are intermediates of Pharmaceuticals & Pesticides with high quality and competitive prices used as intermediates in the field of pharmaceutical, pesticide and LED fields widely, including Organic photoelectric materials?, Macromolecular crosslinking Reagents, Coupling Reagents, Benzene sulfonamide series, Pyridine derivatives?, Acetophenone series, benzenesulfonyl chloride series.....
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